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What does a Woods Lightning Protection System look like?

A Woods Lightning Protection system is installed to best fit the architectural attractiveness of any structure, making the Lightning rod installation surprisingly inconspicuous.

Woods Lightning gallery Almost invisible to the casual observer, a Woods Lightning Protection System is comprised of materials made in the U.S.A.

Woods Lightning gallery Taking a closer look, 10" Lightning Rods, technically known as Air Terminals, are installed at the end of all the ridges of the roof and not more than 20 feet apart. Roof circuit cables are stretched tight and run below the edge of the ridge vents to hide them from view.

Woods Lightning gallery Lightning rods installed on the roof and chimneys are hardly visible from the ground.

Woods Lightning gallery A closer view shows that when properly installed, just the air terminals show on the roof and the connecting cables blend in with the lines of the structure.

Woods Lightning gallery Lightning Protection downlead cables are run on the roof edge trim to blend in with the lines of the building.

Woods Lightning gallery Lightning Protection equipment on chimneys is made of lead coated copper, or tinned copper, to prevent deterioration from smoke and furnace gases. Chimney air terminals must extend at least 10 inches above the highest part of the chimney.

Woods Lightning gallery Metal objects on the outside of the building that are close to Lightning protection cables, such as gutters, fences, spotlights, air conditioning units, etc., must be connected to the system to prevent side flashes from occurring.

Woods Lightning gallery A connection is made to metal water pipes in the basement to eliminate shocks from occurring through plumbing fixtures during electrical storms. Bonding connections are made to metal objects inside the house, such as ductwork and structural steel beams.

Woods Lightning gallery Surge protectors are installed on electric panels to prevent damage to electrical equipment when telephone poles or power lines are struck by Lightning.
Woods Lightning gallery Surge protectors are available with Lightning rod systems to protect electric panels and other electronic equipment.

Parts Of A Lightning Protection System

Woods Lightning Protection has many types of systems for different kinds of buildings and surfaces, such as Residential, Commercial, Industrial, Chimneys, Metal Roofs, Flat Roofs, Parapets, etc.

Woods Lightning gallery Standard Class I equipment is used on residential buildings.

Woods Lightning gallery Lead coated and tinned copper equipment is used on chimneys to prevent smoke deterioration.

Woods Lightning gallery 9 foot ground rods are driven 10 feet deep near the corner of the building where Lightning protection cables are connected below grade with bronze clamps and stainless steel bolts.
Woods Lightning gallery Aluminum Lightning rods are used on buildings with aluminum siding or roofs. Cables must be changed to copper before entering the earth with bimetallic clamps.

Woods Lightning gallery Tinned copper air terminals and lead coated cable can be used to match the color of flashing and gutters on custom homes or on stucco siding where plain copper has a tendency to bleed.
Woods Lightning gallery Longer air terminals with special concealed fittings are installed along the ridges inside of the building on new homes under construction.

Woods Lightning gallery Heavier Class II equipment is used on commercial buildings over 75 feet in height.

Woods Lightning gallery Adhesive paste down equipment is used on flat roofs to avoid penetration of the roof surface. Blunt tip air terminals are a safer alternative on flat roofs where people walk and on railings.

Decorative Lightning Rods

Custom made antique style Lightning rods and cast bronze finials can give your building a distinctive look.

Woods Lightning gallery Antique style Lightning rods with decorative cobalt blue glass ball ornaments and tripod supports on a historical barn.
Woods Lightning gallery Decorative glass balls come in different colors and are shown with "Polar Star" pattern or smooth design.

Woods Lightning gallery Antique style Lightning rods are custom made for customers who want to match the period of an older home or barn.
Woods Lightning gallery Star tip and bayonet tip Lightning rods.

Woods Lightning gallery 16" cast bronze finial, 27" cast bronze finial for cupolas or turrets and 16" tinned bronze finial.